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Modern Functional Imaging Meets Traditional Medicine Treasure Acupuncture

----Professor FANG Jiliang, Director of Functional Imaging and Radiology Department of Guanganmen Hospital of China Academy of Chinese Medicine






Professor FANG Jiliang, chief physician, doctor of western and Chinese medicine, director of Functional Imaging and Radiology Department of Guanganmen Hospital of China Academy of Chinese Medicine.

He was a visiting scholar in the University of Cologne for a year and he finished his post-doctorate at the MRI Centre of Harvard University Massachusetts General Hospital in two years.

He has been studying imaging (X-ray, CT, MR) diagnosis for nearly 30 years, with especial expertise in the imaging diagnostics in joint diseases, cerebrovascular diseases, nervous system diseases; in the past 20 years, he has been focusing his scientific research on imaging-facilitated acupuncture safety research and the fMRI brain function imaging on acupuncture treatment mechanism.


在国际、国内较早从事fMRI 脑成像研究针灸脑效应,近年重点在穴位效应中枢特异性、针刺治疗抑郁症脑机制等研究。

担任Radiology of Infectious Diseases等国内、国际多本杂志的编委或审稿人。为国自然、北自然、香港食品卫生局课题审稿人。主持完成国家自然基金,美国国立卫生研究院(NIH)等多项研究。在国内国际专业期刊发表相关研究论文50余篇,SCI期刊论文16篇,最高影响因子11分(Biological Psychiatry2015),多篇论文被国际期刊引用共400余次。编写《医学影像学》、《系统针灸学》等书籍6部。目前正以主编身份正组织国内外专家编写《针灸影像学》。团队的研究受到英国BBC东方医学针灸专题报道。

In the global academic society, he is one of the earliest scholar engaged in fMRI brain imaging research of acupuncture effects. In recent years, he has been focusing his research on brain activities reacting to acupuncture treating depression and acupuncture’s specific expression in the central nerve system.

He is editor or reviewer for multiple domestic and international magazines such as Radiology of Infectious Disease, expert for the National Natural Science Foundation, Beijing Natural Science Foundation and Beijing Bureau of Health. He has lead the research funded by the National Natural Science Foundation, National Institute of Health of the United States, published over 50 articles on professional magazines, 16 SCI essays, including one on Biological Psychiatry in 2015. His academic writings has been cited by international researchers for more than 400 times. He has complied "Medical Imaging", "System of Acupuncture and Moxibustion" and 4 other books and is currently working with experts from the global as chief editor to write a book called "Acupuncture Imaging". His team and their research was featured by the BBC report on Oriental Medicine.


       Professor Fang Jiliang will present a hit course: