Advanced CAM Courses 654 2016/9/21


Certified acupuncturists who are looking to advance their skills; senior students who are looking for more practical skills




1 Chengs Meridian Interpretation

In-depth understanding of meridians is the foundation of practicing acupuncture. Professor Cheng Xinnong was one of the earliest researchers on ancient classics such as Miraculous Pivot and Classic of Difficult Issues and the leading scientist of the national science project “the nature of meridians”. Based on his research and extensive modern research, Chengs Acupuncture formed a wholesome and systematic framework to interpret meridians, proposed that “meridian system is the most ancient medical model for people to understand human body. It is beyond a guidance system for qualitative diagnosis. It is a more accurate model to diagnose disease location.” Thus Chengs Acupuncture has established a systematic meridian diagnostic method.

Chengs Meridian Interpretation is the unique course to interpret the meridian diagnostic model.


2 Sancai Needling Techniques& Acupoint Characteristic

- Sancai Needling Technique and Acupoint Characteristics

Acupoint is a three dimensional model with different layers and different characteristics. It needs to be utilized accordingly.

It does not matter where to insert the needles, it matters where the point tip is.

Professor Cheng Xinnong perfected the ancient needling technique, by integrated modern anatomy into it, and applied stimulation "adjacent to the bone, the tendon and the fascia", thus form a unique acupuncture system.

It also involves various needling techniques to achieve different layers of effective stimulations to very specific, accurate and designated areas.

During the courses, the mechanism, effects and techniques would be explained and demonstrated in detail.

- Chengs Acupoint Formula

Disease-oriented way to understand Chengs acupoint formula.

Different diseases would have certain manifestation in certain body parts and there would be many empirical diagnostic areas that show certain patterns.

Chengs Acupuncture based on hundreds of years of medical practice, has formed certain principles and formula that proven to be quite effective in dealing with diseases.

During the courses, meridian differentiation, acupoint characteristic theory, needling technique, as well as modern diagnostics would be integrated and discussed extensively.

3 Chengs Clinical Observation

Restore the old way of passing down knowledge and empirical practice in the clinical level.

For those who show prospects at previous study, opportunities of studying from the masters and prominent experts in the field are offered so students could enhance their comprehensive skills effectively and efficiently.

During this course, students could follow rounds of prominent practitioners in their practice, and do clinical observation.

- Chengs Medical Case Analysis

It is easy to grasp one single meridian, acupoint, formula or technique, but it is quite another thing to master the critical thinking. There is a saying circulating among Chengs acupuncturists: "you could always pursue techniques if you have a theoretical system, if you only know of techniques without a theoretical system, you will stop there."

Studying medical cases is a shortcut to mastering the critical thinking.

During this course, successful and failed cases would be summarized, analyzed and studied.