CAM World Tour Hit Orlando 1242 2016/8/1

Invited by the ATCMA, prominent acupuncture master, Professor CHENG Kai was giving a lecture in Orlando.

He received a surge of welcome and heartwarming gratitude. 

Some of the positively flattering feedbacks are as followed:

"... During the demonstration, Professor CHENG relieved my trapezius muscle pain, after treatment, that my right hip pain may due to tendinitis or piriformis is clear! Amazing!"

-- Li Ning from North Carolina 

"I'm most grateful that Professor CHENG came thousands of miles here to present us with enriched knowledge and eyes-opening clinical techniques. I'm most impressed with his way of using modern anatomy to locate and explain acupoints selection and application. His demonstration of acupoints application is most unique among other acadmics."

-- Wang Ying from North Carolina

"... his knowledge and skills are intimidating, his teaching is enlighting. What he demonstrated during lecture was never before said or taught during classes in school, and it was all his years of researching and clininal practice. I'm grateful to be able to stand on the shoulders of a giant. I'm in awe."

-- Shao Leyun from Florida

"The lecture is three dimensitonal. He interpretes acupuncture through TCM, neuroscience and modern anatomy. It was unprecedented."

-- Yang Zhihong from Florida

If you want to watch the remarkable lecutre again, or you wasn't at the venue, check out our website for more CAM courses. 

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