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CHENG Xinnong
Master of TCM,Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering

CHENG Xinnong (son of CHENG Xusheng, 1921-2015), expected to do great things and carry on the family value, he read all numerous TCM classics and worked as apprentice for the famous doctor Lu Muhan in southern China, whom exhausted all his knowledge and skill to train him. He started to practice independently from the age of 19. Then he continued to learn from acupuncture master CHENG Danan while started to teach and do research in Beijing.


He was recruited as the chief scientific officer for the national project "Meridian Research"; in 1994, he was the first acupuncturist to be anointed academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering. He was made a member of the CPC Central Research Institute of Culture and History in 1998. He was also honored with the title of "Master of TCM" by the Chinese government. In the 16th, November, 2010, Chinese Acupuncture and Moxibustion was enlisted by the United Nations as a " World Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity", and he was one of the leading representatives.

He was a pioneer of acupuncture international dissemination, dedicated his life in clinical practice, education, research. He headed the edition and publication of the internationally influentical textbook Chinese Acupuncture and Moxibustion, which remianed to be the textbooks for certified acupuncturists in America and Canada.


His academic thoughts stressed the importance of meridian differentiation, acupoint differentiation, and gradually formed the system of "theory, treatment principle, formula, acupuncture points, needling technique" and the SANCAI needling technique. His experience on treating pain, insomnia, diabetes and menstruation disorder is of significant academic, practical and cultural value.